Why arent free tc servers shut down?


why havent @milla and @majicDave shut down free tc servers?


too much work?


They can’t tell real ones from tc ones i think


What do you mean I’ve searched Free Tc servers and I tried to join one of those and seems grieved and actually not shut down it just the owner didn’t care anymore since free tc has been patched when 1.7 release and some of that servers are just out of credits that no one who wanted to fund with real money.


i mean in 1.6


I think they still work but you cannot join in 1.6 servers anymore it wouldn’t allow you because you were already in latest update 1.7 so it means the 1.6 servers were an old version update that you cannot join because you were in the latest one.


rabbithole was made before 1.6,1.5,1.4,1.3,1.2 and 1.1


Yes but the owner needs to be update so Rabbithole server will be joined in 1.7 updates it’s on the owner.


cats free tc is still working and my old device isnt updated to 1.7 yet but the server still working.


Time will shut down the free tc servers. Once the credit runs out, its goodbye for them. Unless the owner decides to pay real money to fund it (unlikely) and anyway you can no longer get pirated free tc. Good riddance.


Rabbithole was actually made in 1.3, so that is not correct.


They’ll just die off eventually.


Rather than spend my time shutting down those worlds, Dave opted to fix the problem of TC piracy in the game.


After the update I went to a tc server that was still running and tested out the old tc piracy method. It didn’t work. For research of course. Seems to me free tc servers are only in name. The well has finally run dry. Thankfully…