Why aren't pole items respawning?


Hello. I have a Free Mac Server from @Wingysam, and the pole items aren’t respawning. The rules are set to “Respawns/ wears out”, and I’ve already collected a few from the same poles, but now they just aren’t respawning.

Also, possibly related, I think the Owner’s Portal or Free Mac Server site has been down-- could this be the cause of my problem with the pole items?

The server is called “XARNOK FOUR AND A HALF”, if that helps at all. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


Pole items take 40 blockheads days to respawn, give it some time to do so :slight_smile:


I play on a mac server named ARIES we don’t have this roblem there and its also made my @Wingysam


Ok thanks, I’ll give it a little longer :smiley:. Is the site still down for everyone?


Easy way is to meditate :yum:


What’s going on with the OP? I haven’t heard anything, just haven’t been able to log in for days.


What do you mean?


What is full form of OP?


@WumboJumbo and @BUILDITME1, he means Owner Portal. Said so in the OP (lol this time I mean Original Post). Plus, wouldn’t make sense to not have been able to log into the original post.

@Mattrick I’ve been able to get into my Owner Portal, although it is a cloud server. Perhaps Wingysam knows something we don’t…


Whenever I try to log into wingysam’s free Mac server site, where I used to be able to access the Owner’s Portal, it now only says “[OBJECT] [OBJECT]”, instead of listing my worlds.


It won’t let me either that doesn’t have anything to do with it


Yep, I just had to be patient lol. Also, Mac servers apparently don’t keep running when you sign out, so I had to meditate for a few game days while I was signed in. Thanks! :+1:

This is what I see when I log in (if it lets me log in):


Merged double post.