Why asking for credit for servers (usually out of the blue) doesn’t work

People don’t really donate credit, or at least on this forums.


It’s because people aren’t interested in donating to something that is less known/mysterious to them (authority/credibility). Servers that have well known owners don’t need to ask for credit usually, since that is their responsibility. They don’t know who really manages the server well, so why bother in something that might just tumble down overnight?

Additionally, most people who donate credit could get bored of the server since servers must be interesting or constantly updating. Think of it as a game. If no dev bothers to update it and fix the bugs, the game gets stale for being the same for too long.

Occasionally, there will be good people who donate credit. It’s a nice thing to do, but it’s very risky. I’m not here to discourage people for asking for credit; it’s your own free will to do so and it’s not against the rules (if you are the owner). However, just know that it’s not common on this forum, so it’s best not to expect too much.

If you want to build up a server, that’s cool. You can take advice from successful owner themselves, like @Thuthu, and @Sugarflop. My personal advice is to encourage others to play your server and establish a stable order for players by setting rules and getting trusted staff members.

Good luck on your server!


Thank you @shadowolf :see_no_evil: I don’t feel like I deserve your compliment. But I appreciate the sentiment :love_letter:


Thank you for the advice!

:smiley:I agree with shadow wolf!

Also bc most people don’t play that server maybe tell them to play to so they can see why u love that server so much and why it needs to stay alive!