Why can’t I buy the server

It won’t let me buy the one dollar credit so I can make my server anyone having the same problem?

Is your internet connection weak?

Do you have enough account balance

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As @aj440000 said, if you have exactly $1.00 I don’t think it will go through due to the apple App Store tax.


I have more then one dollars If I’m correct I think it’s something on the blockheads side

It could be due to the App Store tax.

Something wrong on your side my friend just added credit to a server yesterday

With stuff like this it’s best to try again later. There are several networks, the distribution platform’s payment system, and the specific app to be taken into account when something goes wrong with an IAP, and we have no way to be certain which has been the weak link. If it still happens over time check your available funds. If that’s fine, then come to me if you’re an Apple user, or go to Noodlecake if you’re an Android user.

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