Why can’t I join a world by clicking invite link

I was wondering if anyone knew why when I click a invite link it doesn’t bring me to the world just opens blockheads to the last world I was (home page) I’m running IOS 13.1.2 IPhone 8


Home page? Are you talking about the world spinner?

Yes I call it the home page

That could be very confusing :laughing:

Does this happen with all online worlds? Or is it only Mac or only cloud worlds?

Tried with both a cloud and Mac world link, and the cloud link didn’t work. The Mac world did though.

All online worlds

Since you’ve had different results for Mac worlds, which devices are you each playing on?

That was on my iPhone X, iOS 13.0.

Tried on my iPad Pro, iOS 13.1, and had different results. I discovered that if BH app is in the app switcher thing to swipe up, the link works. If it isn’t, the link doesn’t work.

Update the software maybe?

Do you can load the link if the app is running backgrounded, but not if it isn’t?

I can’t load it either way on my iPhone8/13.1.2.

Is anyone else able to load world links at all under iOS13? If so can you please share your device and OS details, and any conditions necessary for it to work?

The first time, I didn’t have the app in the swipe up menu thing (sorry, don’t know the proper name for it). The second time, it was there and worked.

I call it the app switcher, but I’ve heard it called the app spinner too.

I guess so long as it’s in the switcher it works on the earlier version of iOS13. It doesn’t on the latest.

I’ll talk to Dave about it.

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App switcher/multitasker

Edit: Can confirm that world links don’t work on my device either. I’m using a 3rd generation 12.9 inch iPad Pro with cellular connectivity. It’s running the latest version of iPadOS (iPadOS 13.1.2) and it doesn’t work whether I’m on WiFi or cellular.

This is on Dave’s to-do list.

Do hyperlinks work?

Edit: Nope…