Why can’t I join my own server?

I’ve had this server for about 2 days or so. But for some reason I can’t join it? I’ve tried restarting the server, I’ve tried restarting my device but only a few times was I able to join. And when I was able to join, the game would instantly crash! I’m on apple, and this server is survival. My device is an iPad Air 2. Any help?

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Are you on iOS 15?

Do you think it might have to do with this?

Run the command /debug-log through the owner portal and look for the freight car.

Gotta lock your world when you are not there. Whitelist or password lock.

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Not yet, but I’m about to download it.

And also, I’m confused what you mean by “look for the freight cart” since I can’t join my server because it either crashes or it’s stuck on “searching. Please wait”

I’m wondering how to remove those from the code?

I guess it doesn’t really matter if you don’t run a debug-log. Your world is broken sorry :worried:. PM Milla to get it fixed and learn how to password lock it or whitelist it as soon as it’s back.

(This is what you would have seen but it’s not easy to do when you only get a second before the world crashes Milla- Could I have a rollback for my server? - #11 by Catage)

What “code” are you referring to?

Bro, just write it off, and start a new server and disabled the tp, and portal chests and make your world a real survival server. Take it back to the way it was meant to be. Take it back to formula. The starter packs and trade portals and a bunch of staff in a server is what killed this game more than the hackers. DON’T TRUST ANYONE TO STAFF YOUR SERVER! YOU DO IT YOURSELF. 99% of admins and mods don’t help players anyway. The get zealous and ban out your players, and then you’re left high and dry. If it’s straight up survival I don’t know what in the hell a owner needs staff for anyway. Just let your players know that if anyone is violating your rules to report it to you and YOU’LL dish out the punishment as need be when you get back. All staff do is help themselves anyway. Make survival what it is supposed to be … no help… on your own and if certain players don’t like it then less headache for you, because what it does is separate the wheat from the chaff. Most server owners are too soft. It’s your REAL money as the OWNER so guess WHO IS the ONLY one who pays to play out of all those players who visit YOUR server? You have a player/s who wants to be staff… tell them go and pay for their own server. Maybe they’ll appreciate the game more.

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Honestly, I love this idea. If anyone wants to get admin, too bad go pay for it yourself. Usually I’m on most toc the time anyways.

How do I pm milla? I don’t even know if I can pm ppl yet.

Take a look at this topic for more information. :slight_smile:

I was going to say otherwise, but this is actually a really good post. I like your ideas and what you’re saying here.

Starter packs are just something I stuff straight into my portal chest and I just end up leaving 5 minutes later, same with trade portals and glitched items. It’s just an unfun way to get people to join and stay for at least 5 minutes.

There should be like a "Get X tier tools to get a slightly better starter than what you’re at (such as a level 2 - 3 trade portal if you’re letting people get starters at iron/bronze ore, 4 - 5 at titanium / platinum. The level 6 portal would just be upgraded by them and would never be given out.

This would encourage activity for rewards.

The guy that breaks worlds doesn’t care what style of world you have.

If you make a new world password lock it or whitelist it when you, the owner are not there.

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The problem is is that owners want quantity and not quality players. I’m sure that everyone that plays this games are familiar with other players who are honest and dedicated to the game play. Invite those ones to your password protected server and let ONLY them Play on it. It sounds draconian, but unfortunately the hackers are a way of life in the game now so you have to eliminate the “strangers” from playing on your server. ALL of my players that were on my. Passwords are useless as players can give them out to other players. The servers that I had whitelisted Were whitelisted before I even opened them and they STAYED permanently white listed until I retired them. For years I never had not on single problem with a hacker on a whitelisted server. I operated those servers until I got tired of them. There was only one server Out of six that I had open to all players. You go and add credit to the other 5 of them right now and they will still be whitelisted. ALL players on those white listed servers where handpicked by me. And NEVER employ admins. So 4 rules to server survival: whitelist your server before you even build the spawn / passwords are useless as players can reveal them to other players / Handpick you’re own players / no admins. Follow these 4 rules and you’ll have a long server life

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I agree with this approach, except in the glory days of SGE, I did something different. I had 2 or 3 Admins who were adults like myself and from there we slowly but surely built a larger Admin staff consisting mainly of other adults, but also a few trusted teenagers.

We enacted a system of promotion from regular player to Mod, and mod to Admin. Becoming an Admin required a Unanimous Vote from all existing Admins.
What’s more is that promotions were always done by nomination only. If a person asked even once to be a Mod or Admin, then they were forever disqualified. (In fact, some were even banned for asking - especially repeated asking).

We also grew a massive black list. Our black list became so large that SGE was almost like a white listed server because our “white list” basically consisted of whomever was not on the black list :lol:

So, my 4 rules which worked pretty well back in the day were:

  1. Be an active Owner (I was on everyday)
  2. Find a couple trustworthy players to join staff
  3. Increase Mod/Admin staff slowly and carefully by nomination only.
  4. Grow the Black List - copy black lists from ROP (Revenge of the Players) which contain some of the most vile people who have ever joined the game.

Edit: By the way, at one point we had enough Admins across the time zones such that there was at least one admin present on SGE 24 hours a day. This was back in the hey day, those days are long gone.

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Do you have a copy and pasted one for me to use? Also should I do a new server? Survival or custom?

SGE’s Blacklist is largely outdated now. I still have it of course, but the players on my blacklist were banned for breaking my rules which might not necessarily be your rules.

For Revenge of the Players - check out this thread: