Why Can’t I Tame my Cave Troll?

I am on a multiplayer world, and I’ve found a cave troll. I’ve fed him at least 20 gold coins but I haven’t been able to tame him yet. Why?

Has at anytime the troll been hit because that takes a feeding away and makes it take a little longer

he’s a good digger

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I’ve accidentally hit him once or twice

Don’t hit the cave troll. Hitting it will reset your breeding progress.

I haven’t hit him since I transferred him from the cave

I’ve only been able to feed my cave troll once. How long does it really take before the next feeding session? :confused:

For a troll it’s once a blockheads day I think.

Indeed, once per blockhead day

I currently have 2. Should I warp in all 5 and just feed the troll pereodically?

It doesn’t matter the amount of blockheads you have unless you want one just for taming. It’s still one feeding per in game day