Why can't I find diamonds?

I was wondering how to find diamonds. I have mined deep enough to find lava and gold and all that, but I still can’t find diamonds. Any reasons why, or any tips you can give me?

So you're saying...

I should run around until I find diamonds?

They’re very rare. You need to keep digging to your left or right.


I personally prefer slow renewable farming. be it from sluice or gold pick or evolved dodos or whatever. here’s smth I wanna try
generate random 1/16 world
copy seed to make custom world with gem trees only
after this world created, go into options to minimize difficulty in every way
not sure if it’s cuz I set happiness to max, but even when blockhead out of energy and should be too tired to work, can still fly around in jetpack. didn’t bother testing whether I could break blocks cuz I just disabled world modification to prevent accidentally chopping down tree while exploring (ik it’d be dumb to not realize I destroyed stuff for long enough even drops despawn, but whatever just wanted to be safe) so anyway I didn’t even need to include coffee as spawn item, just jetpack and lotsa fuel. sorta brag but I managed to explore whole world using less than one full stack of fuel
if prepping for custom difficulty server with sparse sky islands, perhaps worth building elevators in copy world, cuz freefall’s pretty fast and with settings u have infinite health anyway to ignore fall dmg.
anyway, if u don’t find any diamond trees, delete both
if u do, then go back to regular world, use other as reference/map to build staircase directly to diamond tree, after which delete ur custom world cuz won’t be needing it much anymore. now cuz this is normal, u can make, place, and use portal chest to transfer diamonds
or so that’s my plan for tiny skyblock-esque minimal resources expert mode challenge (ik using settings to increase difficulty makes it impossible to prove I didn’t cheat, but whatever, I believe in myself). I’ve never beaten it tbh but my plan is to use gems to rush to trade portal stage and gg

Are you telling them to delete both their survival and custom world?

Yes, just keep searching. You’ll find one eventually. You might also get a 2nd blockhead and just have that one meditate while you search. Check back when the meditation meter is full and you just might get lucky.

Another way that I personally enjoy when I have enough blocks and ladders is to start exploring the sky for gem trees. Diamond trees are the most rare but once you find one, you can reap the rewards indefinitely. And I’ve seen worlds where someone just got super lucky and there was a diamond tree in the sky above spawn. So you never know.


if u don’t find diamond trees in the custom copy, won’t be any in original either. remember, that’s referring to the one generated as part of pair / alongside its copy, which if u followed my instructions, have never even spawned a blockhead into. completely undeveloped and no time sunk into it. unless I made mistake?

btw where do ppl usually get their resources? I prefer diamond from trees, rainbow essence and platinum from dodos, and titanium from trade portal job t5. on expert mode I’m not sure about that cuz even with electric furnace, still costs 2iron 5coal to make steel, pickaxe costs more ingots, blocks take more hits to mine(?), etc

30 black sand job feels rare for some reason