Why cant I watch videos for tc?

The title says it all. I cant watch videos for tc. It keeps telling me that no offers are available.

I have waited over 10 mins. Is there a limit on how many videos you can watch ?

I think the official limit is 10 minutes between videos. Though some ppl have reported that’s not how it works for them.

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I think that is the same for me. Is there any suggestions on how to fix it ?

There might not be any advertisements on the ad server

So, how long do I usually have to wait ?

I cannot watch my ads for a few hours and counting

I tried watching ads on my sisters iPad and it worked…

Just keep spamming the watch ad button until you get one. I’ve tried it that way and it seems to work.

Also, you can try it from the crafting menu. While you are crafting something, tap on the “speed up” option. If it has been more than 10 minutes, that should trigger a video.


I tried your tips and none of them sadly worked…

I can’t spam the ‘watch ad button’ because there is no button

I can’t do it when crafting because there is no button

I think it’s time to @milla to help me

Tap the x to get out of the window, then tap the free TC button again, is what I meant to say.

Edit: adding pic

Still doesn’t work. I tried that in the first place.

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I usually watch a TC Video every 1-10mins.

Make sure that you are connected to the internet, if you aren’t, then you wont be able to watch ads for TC.


The Blockheads using multiple ad providers, and it may run out of ads in your local area. (couldn’t find milla’s quote)


@Bibliophile I was connected to the internet when I tried it

@GoodGradesBoy I have waited over 1 days and counting

As you obviously had a faulty BH app download before (see other posts) you might again have a faulty/corrupted download. What iOS are you on, what download source are you using?

Update: It finally works ! I think my local network has more ads

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I often have no ads to watch. It’s generally not a technical problem, so much as one of demand. If people don’t want advertise in your territory, you get few ads, or sometimes none. It can go on for days, but seldom indefinitely. We set up the game to use two major advertising APIs, to minimise this, but it can still happen. I’m glad your territory got some love, Jenson87 :slight_smile:


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