Why can't we have alt accounts?


If this question was asked before I haven’t heard. But what’s so bad about another account?


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I think it’s because it’s confusing? Idk


I think Milla can answer.


Well, I can’t think of any good reason for them to be allowed, and there are plenty of reasons for them not to be allowed.

  1. Making more work for Milla - a player gets banned, she now has to remember all their alts and ban each one, and they will probably just make another alt to circumvent their ban.

  2. Creating confusion by entering discussions with more than one persona. This might not seem like a big deal, and can be fun to do in servers (ahem Skeeve) but on the forum, it’s really just rude to others in the discussion who care about the discussion itself.

  3. Creating potential for abuse. The ability to have alts greatly increases the likelihood of “like rings” - which is against another forum rule. It also gives players with alts multiple votes in polls.


But if I made an account called HippityHoppity2 I’ll get banned? That’s not confusing, it’s just a 2 on the end.


What if you forget your your password


You can just reset your password.


And besides, you only need one account, you can log on with that same account into other devices.


But the thing is hippityhoppity, not everybody will make their names easy to remember. One person could have an account named dhiekebd whilst a completely different person could have one named ospadjod and then the first person could make a second account named jdoekam and that is really confusing.


Because it’s milla’s opinion and we should respect her beliefs.


Amen brother


It’s fairly standard operating procedure on business boards like this one. Alt accounts are generally deceptive and fraudulent. They’re used to circumvent bans or be underhand.