Why do blockheads look so weird? Sometimes


Why do some blockheads look so,weird for me sometimes and when I reload multiple times it gets fixed


I think the person who created it made it look that way.


We can make a horror server with those!


Nope it’s a glitch cause when I relog it gets fixed usually


You mean those black skined bh?


Not the one with eyes she did it on purpose because I was talking to someone second pic


It looks like you have a lot of lag from dropped items on that server. That might have something to do with it. That would also explain why it clears after reloading a few times. The dropped items have disappeared. Just stop littering to reduce lag.


The BH looks fine for me


A blockhead can turn into a shadow sometimes, even mobs do so.


They are the shadow people!!! Your server is haunted :scream::ghost:


They look weird because the images for them haven’t finished fully loading onto your device. Once they have finished loading, that’s when they clear up for you.

Slow loading response times are typically due to lag, but can sometimes be caused by slow internet connection or older device with less memory.

Like Shariu stated, litter can cause lag. However, so can glass, lights, portals, gems, chandeliers, and most anything that has any type of movement. Rain, snow, and tree drops can cause lag when they are occuring.

Also, duping and duped items can cause severe lag if the server owner has allowed it and any of the duped items are on display or being used.