Why do my trees keep dying?

I have this farm right here:

And I’ve regualrly found that despite being heated, sealed, and well lit, that they keep dying. So far it’s only happened with a row of limes, both mango levels, and it’s started on one of the coffee cherry trees.

Is there a solution to this that i’m not seeing, or what?

Trees die of old age

Plant them in compost.


NEW PIC!!! :heart:

They are.

It’s probably the back wall, or they don’t have enough light.

Don’t see how. Each is getting it from 2 campfires and 6 oil lanterns at any given time. See this thread for reference:
Farming model-1

If they’re planted in compost and still die then the conditions are probably wrong. Too cold, too dark, etc. are possible reasons.

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If we get a couple closer pictures, as well as hear about the climate outside, that may help.

Isn’t that on Survival of Time? Certain trees and plants don’t do well in the cold.

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Yes, it’s on SoT.

I don’t have a thermometer, but my best guess is that the temperature is approximately 1 Kelvin.


Are there thermometers in the new update?

Umm no

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Since this is underground… I don’t think heat is the issue. I did a… lot… of experiments with heat and it seems to be constant underground (when ignoring the edge cases of very near lava & very near the surface)

The only thing I can really think of here is that the light isn’t coming through the blocks in the tree’s calculation - maybe trees need direct access? If you remove the blocks separating the trees from the lights, do they still die?

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Haven’t tried it, though I fear it’ll ruin the aesthetic. ;-;

Now the limes are dying. ;-;

I’ll make sure to test out the thingy with the glass blocks tomorrow to see if it still happens.