Why do some people don’t allow hacking

Like yes I hack on my old iPhone and I’ve been banned for it but like it’s a part of the game I mean yes I understand some people don’t like hacking but atleast tell them to turn it off before u ban like every server I go on I tell them I hack right when I join

I dunno. Some people use hacking for good, but a lot use it to greif servers and/or cause trouble. That might be the cause.

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do you know their intentions with the specific abilities they have? nope, and there’s no easy way to find out what those are

It isn’t an intentional way of playing the game.

IMO opinion, unless the game is super simple and straightforward, not many people play the intended way.

Exploits are not how a game is intended to be played.

True. But when an exploit exists people don’t ignore it they often use it

Most people don’t use exploits.


What do you mean? :question:

A community that does not use exploits.

I said most people.

Minecraft community people make mob farms and whatnot. Every time Fortnite has a bug everyone used it until patched.

How do you know that though? That’s a massive generalization.

Everywhere online. Near all servers I join people make mob farms in Minecraft. I play Fortnite and someone says over mic “oh yea there’s this new glitch that makes you ______
wanna check it out?

That’s not solidified evidence though.

As soon as you show everyone that you’re a “hacker”, they might associate you with “griefers” and “cheaters”, which are things that the owner or admin of the server does not want to associate with.

Furthermore, owners of the server generally have the right to ban people they deem harmful to their server.


It’s certainly data collected. Not just talking about Fortnite and Minecraft. GTA V, Cyberpunk, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim. All of which have many exploits that a large scale of the game community use. Does your claim have solid evidence?

We don’t know that.

Those are called mods, not exploits.

Not talking about mods here. I’m talking about holes the devs left.