Why does deleting your account require requesting Milla?

Title says it all.
I got this idea from the ‘Greetings And Farewells’ thread.

You have to message her so she can do it because it erases everything from your account all your posts everything

Why can’t Asyc delete accounts?

It doesn’t - if you do it when your account is still brand new. Discourse lets you delete an account if you just recently created it.

Older accounts have potentially large amounts of helpful posts that it would be best not to lose, so some forums would rather just disassociate accounts from the user’s email & change the name (For example see StackOverflow, you can’t delete accounts completely, they just get assigned to a ghost user)


Because of the broad and dramatic effect it can have on the forums, if a major account is removed. Because a lot of work needs to be done by the back end before an account can be removed. Because the software is made that way.

@WumboJumbo: Because she’s a moderator, rather than an administrator.

New users can delete their account.