Why does it cost money for servers and adding credit?


I don’t like how you must use real money for servers and all. It makes time crystals practically useless. It would be better if you didn’t have to pay money for all that.


This thread explains why:


Dave loses less money this way. He lost WAY too much money with all of those TC pirates which kindve made all of us legit players hurt way more.


Well would you rather spend $2.99 on 30 credit or watch 100 ads, and each ad you need to wait 10 minutes, so you will waste 16 hours just for watching ads? And it’s only $2.99. Just wait until it’s your birthday and earn 100$ and you will have more than enough money to buy 1 and a half year server credit. And if you have money, go to a pharmacy and buy an itunes gift card, then create a new Apple ID with using postal service instead of credit card, and use the gift card, and your parents will not notice that you bought server credit, and they will not loose money and spank you for buying something that costs less that a candy bar. :slight_smile:


It was because of all of the tc pirates.


That’s kind of like saying that pirated TCs are better than actually supporting the developer…
TCs are not useless without using it to pay for servers. It actually saves a lot of time/let’s you gain useful things in the game.


because it costs money to have a server IRL


Why does it cost money to rent a house or apartment? Why do I have to buy food at the grocery? Music costs money? What? You mean I actually have to work for a living???