Why does it take so long for BHs to think


but you can instantly teleport to a location? How is it that my BH has to wait 10 seconds but only 2 to teleport? I’m curious :stuck_out_tongue:


Pathfinding is different from moving to a specific location.


Because the Blockhead has to load all the data in between that it has to walk past. And whether it’s possible to walk there at all, by going over everything.
It’s mostly a multiplayer thing, though–unless you have a huge SP.
When you teleport, you just hop there.


If you have one blockhead go to say the North Pole, it thinks. Gears go above the BHs head. But if you have another blockhead say go to the tile directly next to you it will not move but think. This is because all the thinking power goes to the first BH.


They are lazy :blush:


That’s a cool fact I didn’t know!