Why does lava act solid?


I found lava! I wondered why I couldn’t swim in it ,but I could walk on it.
The exception is this:


Because it’s a block, I guess if Dave made it swimmable you can swim out of the normal world area.


Wouldn’t it take hours to swim out of lava?


No, the lava blocks don’t go so far down.


So it will take me 5mins to swim to the other side of the planet?


Probably like one minute at the most.

Also, if lava was liquid like water, wouldn’t it just fall when the world is generated, being the bottom blocks, and all?


Do you mean fall to other side of earth?
If you mine a hole to the surface,the lava will fall to ‘infinity and beyond’.


Lava doesn’t fall, this scenario doesn’t actually exist. Lava is a solid block. It would just infinitely fall down causing lag I’d assume if it was.


For the first time?


Yes :cool:


Because in real life, the outer layer of magma is solid and the inner layer gradually gets more liquid the deeper. This is not lava. https://www.universetoday.com/27908/what-is-the-difference-between-lava-and-magma/


Lava just move slow like irl


Pretty sure that lava is like thick mud, so you can’t really swim in it. So logically you can only walk on it… at least in blockheads you can.

No shoe will likely allow you to do that in real life even if you had a suit to protect you from the heat.


If you got into the middle of the planet, lets just say gravity will be screwed.


Magma is a not fully solid block and walking on it is harmful until you get Ice Armour from cave trolls (or ice torches), it can even turn full-block-size water into basalt, or even vaporise it if few water is placed


How is it semi solid, as in not fully solid??? (in game)


In real life lava is more dense than the human body .945 to 3.1, roughly 3 times more dense. So humans can sure FLOAT on lava provided they don’t burn, but I’m not sure about walking on it.


Because us blockheads are not as dense as lava, because of that, we float and slowly boil to death.


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