Why does system automatically remove quote in my comments?

Subject says it all. Why does system automatically remove quote in my comments? I am trying to get the quote badge and it is helpful to quote posts.

It only quotes when you reply to someone if you explicitly tell it to. I selected the above sentence on your post, so when I hit reply it cited you automatically.

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I did the same thing and when I look at the edit it says system automatically removed the quote. Ill try to screenshot it somehow. Well now its working. That is odd.

Figured out to screenshot on Chromebook. Very nice.

Have you tried quoting only a portion of a post? It may be as simply as the warning, the system is simply mad that you are trying to quote an entire post. I don’t know why that would make the system angry, and I don’t think the system ever did that sort of thing before as far as I can remember.

Edit: I attempted to quote the entire OP in a test post and system did not get mad at me so I’m very confused now.

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Its a four word post and this has happened to me twice now on seperate threads.

Ok, so system got mad at me for quoting your entire previous post… something isn’t right… Discourse update maybe?

The strange thing is that it is instant. It happens as I am posting.

I assume that system deems that quoting an entire post is pointless and only allows you to quote specific parts of a given post, which doesn’t help when it comes to short posts.

Has it always been like that or is that a new thing?

That is possible. It has only happened to me this week. I will try again later.

I’m going to log in as you and have a play. You may get a message about this. Don’t be alarmed if so. The software allows me to do this without showing me your password.

Update: It worked for me while logged in as you, so it’s possibly a browser setting or the browser itself, or maybe an extension. I used Brave on OSX10.14.6. It’s not your forums settings or account.

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I’ve had this bug for multiple months now (since May or somewhere around that time). It seems that the recent update to the forum software didn’t fix it.

I’m running the iPadOS 13.1.2 version of Safari (although sometimes I browse and post on this forum using my MacBook Pro. It’s running the latest version of MacOS as far as I’m concerned).

Okay, I will try it with my tablet’s Safari install.

I should also mention that this happens about 90% of the time. If I add the removed quote back into the post, it doesn’t remove it for a second time until I make a second post with a quote.


Test 2.

Test 3!

Seems like it didn’t remove it this time. Maybe there’s something else we’re missing?

Safari under iOS 13 seems fine for me too. I’ll keep working on my tablet in Safari and see if I can reproduce it.

It happened a few minutes ago with this post I made. Look at the edits.

That’s because it was the post immediately before yours. That’s meant to happen. If it’s a post a few ahead of yours does it remove the quote?

Sometimes, yes.