Why doesn’t this electricity setup work?

The solar panels will only send electricity to the stove, not to the flywheels or any electric devices in the “basement”. I understand that electricity has a certain range, but everything I’ve read says that range is about 70-75 blocks, and my devices are not further than 30 blocks apart.

Any assistance is appreciated!

You might have to connect the wires to the ones on the bottom below the benches to make it work

It may be the odd placement of the wires. Try hooking all the flywheels with a line, then running some wire down the wall.

I know why the solar panels are not giving enough energy and the steam generator is charging the flywheel so it’s not working

I don’t see why that would make it stop working.

Are you judging that it’s not working because you don’t see any flow of electricity? If that’s the case, then fear not! It will charge the flywheels, but charging does not show any “flow”. Only when using a bench will you see a flow of glowing power. This confused me for a while but I confirmed that dead flywheels would indeed charge up over time, it just doesn’t show it. I think this was an attempt to reduce lag, or maybe it’s an accidental bug. Just remove the wire from the steam generator and see if the solar panels alone will charge up all three flywheels on their own to max power. Use Fast Forward mode to accelerate the charging.

What you might also need are wires down the wall of your basement benches, like Winter_nights said. I can’t recall whether generators will conduct energy as a pass-thru but I know that benches definitely do not.

@jemnidad The picture shows text at the top saying “Mo needs electricity.”

Oops, I missed that. Ok, remove and replace every wire down the wall. Maybe one of them got glitched. I’ve seen a wire that “looked” like a wire, but wasn’t conducting.

Whenever I get a situation like this that I know should work, I start playing around with placement of the flywheels in relation to the wires.


As mentioned above, you may want to connect the wires across the left side of the underground wall.

However, there may be another thing to consider, which is a very common visual bug with doors and wires. Check that the wood door has wires on it.

This bug is usually caused by removing only one block of copper wire, and then the door. The copper wire on the other block of the door will still drop, sprite will stick the the wall and anything you place on it.

Hi all! Thanks for all your helpful messages! I didn’t think this community was still so active.

Turns out, the issue was a visual bug with the wires over the window (as J0M0 suggested). While it looked like they were there, they actually weren’t. Placing a wire there fixed the connection issue!


Specifically in this topic?


That’s the only thing I could think of. As it’s pointless to connect a flywheel to a steam generator thing unless your charging it but you have solar panels so there’s not much use in that device :slight_smile:

Flywheels also extend conductive range, though in this situation they won’t be making a difference.