Why i cant buy TC on tbh? (Android Version)

I just saved some money to buy 1200 TC on the game,but when i try to buy it,it shows a pop up like:
“This purchase is not availble anymore” last time i purchased TC was 5 or 6 months ago,but now just this popup appears in my screen

(For those who dont know its Google Play Store because i am a android user)

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The game was removed from the google play store so it might have removed the option to make iaps also

Well,looks like i am gonna wait,maybe months

Moved to Android bugs and glitches! :slight_smile:

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Maybe try the apk one on the noodle cake website

The IAPs for the Android version rely on Google services, so I don’t think the APK version will work.

Oh :frowning:

Thats the one problem right there

I’ll talk to Dave and get back to you.

Thanks! When you get back PM me on my profile,but due to personal reasons i may take a time to respond