Why is everything suddenly broken?

The formatting became super weird and broken all of a sudden… :question:

There are some issues in other parts of the website too.


yeah i think the forum is having a bit of a tantrum, when milla comes back i’m sure she can take a look see if there’s:

a. a specific error keeping certain processes from working
b. an update that caused issues, a common reoccurrence on discourse
c. a sort of attack on the site (this is highly unlikely but there are certain things that can affect certain content through this)
d. any other issues pertaining server side or an incorrect setting

Maybe it would be worth updating the forum software to see if that fixes anything? :thinking:

I’m not having any of these issues, could it be the browser? idk

I don’t think it has anything to do with the web browser.

Which one are you using? :question:

Well what browser are you using???

It works fine for me on the mobile Safari browser (iOS 15).

Works fine for me as well on mobile Chrome.

On chrome for iOS this happens to me if I force close chrome then open it back up

yes, it is, there is no relation to browsers i know this because this bug has seemed more server side than it is client side, so how can it be a specific browser if multiple people are experiencing this kind of stuff on different browsers?

I’m using a desktop web browser. :slight_smile: