Why is the forums suddenly spanish

I think it’s spanish, anyway… why has it done this? Can a spanish speaker translate for me?

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Ok, I’m glad to know it’s not just me.

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This is happening to you too? I kinda wish it was in japanese, if any other language… then i would be able to actually read it haha

Did you accidentally change the language in your preferences? :question:

this is solution

i set interface language to english, but @system saying spanish thingy.

translated what system are speaking:

This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a high number of community reports.

It’s Spanish for me too

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That’s also in Spanish for me—thought it was a mistake on my part too…

Not a Spanish-speaker, but from guesswork it says that the topic has been closed due to a large amount of community flags for at least 4 “horas” (hours).

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My interface language is set to English, but that system message is still showing up as Spanish for me.

I noticed that as well. Legend has it @system is secretly Spanish

the default is indeed spanish now that’s what i see, no idea why i think discourse is going a bit wonky

@system is up to something strange… :wow:

Why is Discourse acting wonky all of a sudden? :question:

no idea technology is unpredictable

Yea it is. Has a forum member ever been a spam bot?

I am a bot this action was performed automatically

In many instances, yes.

esto es absurdo (this is absurd)

I guess it’s time to do my duolingo lessons again :sob::ok_hand:

Yo no enteindo


Anyone know what could cause this? My profile settings are set to English but I see this message in Spanish. @milla?


Same problem happened a while ago to everyone lol, see the “why is the forums suddenly spanish” thread

Weird, but thanks :slight_smile:

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