Why is the “hide profile” option a thing

Like why not just not make a profile? :question:

“Don’t like other users knowing you’re up at 4 am writing a reply” :flushed:

i’m not sure if milla even wanted this option available however if she didn’t want it she’d disable it

The only user who knows of it is @cry

The only user you’ve seen so far who has hidden their profile? There might be more out there.

Hello, hello, petite demoiselle.

(sorry about that, one coffee to many)

Privacy is a thing, or at least I think it is.

General information safety rule, only supply the minimal personal information you can. That way your safer against manipulation attempts or even identity theft.

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Mmm online safety is something people these days lack

it isn’t safety just privacy hidden behind a discourse ‘we do what you want and only what you want’ policy

It should be noted that this doesn’t work on site administrators.

that’d be pretty strange if it did…