Why isn't my electricity working right?


My whole house is made of steel blocks and the roofs copper blocks. Above the house is a floating solar array that connects by 1 wire column down to the highest roof point. Above the 2 other roofs are smaller arrays with fly wheel to power the elevators in those areas. I noticed that my solar panels were not getting me enough stored electricity so I have some furnaces. It doesn’t make sense to me that I would need them tho since I have 50+ solar panels outside. I created another solar array in the basement and removed the back wall like it is outside. It filled the fly wheels right by it but the electricity never moved upwards to the various electronic benches despite my house being all steel blocks.

What is happening? Why don’t my solar panels create enough electricity? I must have around 25 fly wheels to store electricity. It makes no sense to me why the fly wheels by the electric benches fill very slowly and why the electricity from the basement never gets to the upper floors.

I used to have a house in the same place and had my electric benches on the 2nd floor of the basement and the solar panels far above in a similar location as currently and most of the fly wheels on the roof. For the electricity to get from above the house to the benches below the house i had to scroll up to it for the electricity to move down the wire to the benches. I still had to supplement with furnaces tho. I rebuilt my house this time with the benches closer to the solar panels above the house hoping that it would work better and I wouldn’t need to use the furnances.

What am I doing wrong? I even tried running copper wire from the basement to the benches near the top when the whole house is steel anyway. No matter what I do most of my electricity has to come from the furnace and it’s super frustrating. Help!


Electricity only travels about 30 blocks. So, your flywheels in the basement might be too far to reach the benches. You don’t need copper wire on top of steel blocks, steel conducts electricity. You just need the wire to span across backwall spaces.


Wow, that’s an awesome house! Seriously, it looks amazing!


So I added 1 fly wheels starting at floor 2 and 4 into my above house solar array so nothing was 30 blacks apart. It is not functioning any better.

Thanks, WumboJumbo. I planned it out on graph paper but then things like this happen that you don’t forsee. Blockheads wouldn’t be Blockheads if things weren’t messy sometimes I guess :slight_smile:


Do you plan on staying on the forums after your problem is solved? Everyone’s very friendly!


I’m not sure if the 30 blocks is accurate. What I would try is to take a fully discharged flywheel and place it gradually closer to the solar panel array until the current starts to flow. That should show you exactly what block “gets the charge”.


Yeah, I don’t know that it’s 30 blocks either. I’ve seen some ppl have solar panel arrays at the equator and run wire all the way to their base. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong


How long ago did you see this happen?


I saw it sometime this year on a forum post but I have no idea when it was originally posted. Probably some time ago


You can only run electricity through wires from a certain distance now. Back then, it was infinite.


I’m not asking for infinite I just want the solar panels to create enough electricity for me to run 2-3 benches at once and 3 elevators. I feel like its crazy that my setup can’t do that but maybe I’m missing something.

Anybody who has their solar setup where they don’t need to use the furnace ever, please attach pics and if possible clue me in on any tricks.

Thank you!


The copper and steel building is of a similar design to your house. I have an open power room at the bottom of the building that can successfully power many electric benches at once.

The flywheels are next to the steel floor of the room above with wires attached to the solar panels beneath. I have 21 flywheels and 42 solar panels in this design. The benches are placed directly on the copper floor with no wires.

As I use the benches you can see the blue lights of electricity travel from the solar panels or flywheels to the benches. All the benches can be successfully used by multiple players.


Additionally, solar panels stacked or placed right next to each other don’t allow for maximum energy efficiency. You need to leave space around the solar panels for them to work at their peak. Other things that affect their ability to convert energy would be placement (under vs over blocks). Experiment to get better results.


I thought it was only the back wall that mattered? At least in my world…


The first pictures with all the trees looks 3D!


Thanks for the great feedback! I still don’t know why my setup isn’t working but it seems like Shariu has the benches closer to the panels and fly wheels. I’m going to give that a shot and move a few benches to the floor above my solar room. I was hoping i wouldn’t have to switch things up but better it works than doesn’t. if it works, I’ll have to redesign a few things.

Thank you!


@JarlPenguin, back wall does matter… but if you put solar panels right next to each other, they will not charge fully. If you space them out, they will.

Hm. I need to check on this. I may be wrong as evidenced by the 2nd picture on this post.
On my worlds… I show only 1/2 charge when put them side by side… as seen on the picture just 3 pictures above. Interesting.


Weird. In my world all the solar panels are charged if they are put right next to each other. They only don’t charge when I put them on top of each other.
This formation works fine (S is solar panel, A is air, W is wire) for me:



Just did a test. Full charge… on a surface or in the air with solar panels right next to each other.
Has this ability been updated? This used to not be possible.


My experience has also been there needs to be at least 1 air block above a solar panel. So stacking solar panels vertically doesn’t work but horizontally they are fine right next to each other