Why mandatory avatars?

Why would you not let people use default profile. And if it is survival why is pvp off. I’m not judging I am just asking. Seems like a cool concept for a server :lol:


In my experience, servers typically request that players choose an avatar instead of using the default image as a way to check whether that player has read the rules or not. It can also be difficult for staff to monitor players’ activities if there are several people with the same default avatar.

The server in question also may want to emphasize surviving the land and the world, rather than surviving other players’ spawn camping and pvp. It can be harder to get work done if pvp is on and one player is constantly hitting another player. Since the server appears to be a cooperative world, the owner wants to encourage players to work together rather than attack each other for items.


I do not think “survival” necessarily needs to refer to fighting.

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I am in a pvp server and it is mostly peace. You can prevent spawn camping by enforcing rules.

The profile pic is a great question and I’m happy to explain since this rule has been in place on Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire (SGE) for 7 years.

  1. First, rule #11 on SGE states the following: “To prove that you have read these rules you must choose a profile pic and not display the default blockhead face.” That explains it right there. When someone joins SGE and remains there for more than a few minutes - staff immediately can tell that they didn’t read the rules.

  2. Secondly - as mentioned above, when more than one player uses the default pic it becomes difficult to tell who is who. If one player with a default picture behaves very badly and prompts an immediate ban - then it is quite easy to ban the wrong person. (It has actually happened a couple times in the past)

  3. Third - Most of the script kiddies who use God Mode to cause harm by changing signs to profane language or stealing paintings, elevator shafts or columns, don’t use a profile pic. Therefore, having a profile pic avoids some unnecessary suspicion.

  4. Lastly, Profile pics give players some character. When they join, people immediately recognize them. Otherwise they’re just a clone with a unique name.

Hope that answers you’re first question.
As for the 2nd one: The term “survival” really means “vanilla” or “Non-Customized”. Vanilla worlds are the standard worlds that have Time Crystals and allow Portal Chests. PvP is still an option and many owners prefer not to have noobs constantly hitting each other with shovels as soon as they spawn in. :joy: