Why TC servers can’t come back

Before I go further I feel the need to establish some things.

The blockheads is a free game. Dave owes you nothing, he has a family to support, and the blockheads is a product of passion.

Dave has updated a free game for 6 years, and he is definitely not a thumb twiddling capitalist.

If he was the game would have way more micro-transactions and addictive features.

Now that that’s done, let’s talk about why TC servers aren’t coming back.

The Blockheads is a fun and free game, and it’s also a business. Dave needs money to support his family.

Dave’s revenue comes from ads and in app purchases, both of which are optional. After all, do you need double time or a mountain of TC?
Not having them isn’t detrimental to gameplay. And to be honest many of the players haven’t given Dave a single penny while playing Blockheads.

In the old days before official servers were a thing, there was a place called blockserver where you could pay to have a server hosted.

Then one day, Dave made a official server system where you could use TC to host servers.

TC could be bought, but it could also be mined in large quantities for free if you knew what you were doing.

As you know, the majority of players didn’t buy TC to host their servers. Many servers were hosted for free, and large group of servers were actually made using duped or pirated TC.

These servers didn’t make Dave any money, and actually hurt Dave because he had to host a lot of servers that didn’t pay.

I doubt Dave was unaware of what would happen, but I think he had faith in the community that we would not abuse this system and some people would buy TC to support him.

But as we made friends, built wonderful projects and had fun, more and more unpaid servers were being made.

We as a community failed him.

We saw servers distributing free TC, we saw servers made at a whim. We saw low quality servers made using duped TCs, we saw countless servers that only had 1 player.

Hosting servers costs money, in case you weren’t aware.

And before 1.7, more than 95% of the community’s servers were not being paid for.

Dave was actually losing money for a free game he made with passion.

TC servers had to go.
Dave could no longer pay for servers that were leeching off of his revenue, because after everything, he’s just one person with a family to support, not a charity.

If you’re angry over losing friends and servers because you could no longer make servers for free, remember that this free game had wonderful free updates for 6 years.

Remember that Dave trusted us to not abuse the TC system, and the community abused it, making him lose money.

Understand that Dave simply couldn’t host free servers anymore. He’s just a person trying to make a living.

I hope you now understand that TC servers were a unsustainable bubble.

If you love the game, you can still play it, join servers and have fun.

Not everyone needs to have their private server.
As long as there are players and servers to play in, there’s fun to be had.


Thank you for this @Dodokiin :slight_smile:

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Well said!


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Amazingly well worded/explained. Great post

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we need to pay in many game to host a server
exemple we need to pay in yland
and we need to pay in ark survival

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That’s good that they won’t come back because Dave will lose more and more money, I’ve already ran into people trying to distribute time crystals and I have some proof.