Why wasn’t my dodo leveling up?

My diamond dodo wasn’t leveling up so I was wondering if it took longer depending on what level it was. I had gotten almost every type and JUST NEEDED THE RAINBOW! I’ve worked on it for an hour and was just wondering

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As you get higher up the tiers of dodos, they take longer to lag eggs. I’m not sure the chances of advancing or going down a tier are affected by the dodo’s tier, but the egg laying I should less frequent, which might by why.


You might want to take a look at this dodo breeding guide.


That’s incorrect. Rainbow dodos stem from diamond dodos, not fuel dodos. J0M0’s reply was correct in that as you breed rarer dodos, they’re less likely to spawn eggs of the next tier. Check out this chart for the full dodo breeding tree:


Okay, thanks for fixing my mistake.