Why we appreciate milla 💚


Appreciation is often something we forget to show to those who are kind to us. If you are reading this then you are a member of this community and though there are times we come to blows and times we disagree there is always someome who is ensuring we all have a safe and fun space to come to.

I know she is having a hard time right now and so I thought it would be nice to remind her and ourselves of times Milla has helped or been kind or positive to us during our time here.

For me The Blockheads was my first “games forum” I had joined. Before I had never been part of any kind of community like this. Supporting groups such as ROP shows to me how Milla cares and listens to this community. Also learning from her, how to appropriately respond to others online who were/are at many times difficult, has been fun :joy: I appreciate how every single PM I have EVER sent her she has replied to! I honeslty think she has replied more to me than my own family :joy: (Dave you have a good one!) Not only does she moderate this comminity but she is a active member joining in, in such events as @Bibliophile 2018 Advent Calendar. I remember many players on my server who are not forum members were so exited to see one of the blockheads team for the first time during Milla Fishing. She even did different times to occomodate for the time differences in this community! But one of my most favourites was when she has her profile picture as a bunny rabbit!:green_heart:

Thank you from Sugarflop

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Finally a positive thread! There has been so much negativity thrown around recently.


I don’t exactly love @milla (sorry online homie, you’re still amazing tho :kissing_heart::crazy_face:), WHAT I REALLY MEAN is that I acknowledge her for her wisdom, patience, and her charisma.
Not to be offensive (fr tho. I don’t want any hate-smh), but sometimes people and their minds are altered too much by her. It’s not her fault, it’s just that they stick VERY CLOSELY TO HER. Maybe even literally. It’s like a crazy fandom. For example, let’s say a certain president is running. That person says that he/she will be voting for (blank), and all of his/her fans vote that that same person. Anyways, (After that glue incident…jk there was none). Love is a bit strong for me, (or at least rn) that’s all.


I am not finding your comments constructive. You are simply asking pointless question and are not contributing to my thread constructively .


I was asking a question.

Anyways, back on topic. Milla has gone through a lot today. She’s done a really good job!


Maybe we should reboot the ‘Say Something Nice About The User Above You’ thread. I think a lot of users found that thread helpful after a lot of trolling and racist posts happened last year.


I think what most impressed me was when @agentpinkdog was down and Milla & so many people of this lovely community immediately offered their help! :sparkling_heart: Even if it‘s not part of her job she actually cares about forum member‘s lifes and private issues! Most people here do and I‘m glad to have met so many nice people :slightly_smiling_face:


I definitely appreciate Milla, and I’ll list a few of my reasons.

1. All of the times I’ve been an objectively blunt tool.

Alas, I must admit I’ve not always been too keen or sharp when it comes to certain situations such as topic, content, and memory. Fortunately, Milla is professional and generally calm/kind enough to help out without putting anyone down. It may seem like something we take for granted, and it is, not everyone can help or dish out constructive criticism and do so in such a manner.

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