Why were the original eyes removed from the game?


I haven’t played the blockheads for real in about a year. I just want to say that 1.4-1.6.1 were my absolute childhood. But my question is, why were the original eyes removed from the game?

(For reference) Back in the day, these eyes were everywhere. Now, if you look, they aren’t even a customization option. Why were they removed? In my opinion they were the only eyes that looked nice on male blockheads. There is still a version of them in the game but they are moved up on the face and they look unsettling.




I believe if you choose face type 2 and use a hair that doesn’t block the eyes, like hair set 1, it should be fine. That’s what I do. I’m not sure if the blacks and whites in the eyes have been switched, coz I make all my characters black or white nowadays for simplicity reasons


Updated title :slight_smile: