Why won’t I load in

My game doesn’t load in and gets stuck on this

I’ve been waiting for minutes

Ooooof, I don’t know why that happens

Can someone try to go in for me

I got you

I couldn’t get in either

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Guess everyone is locked out my server

Your server might be down for whatever reason.

Lol “whatever reason “

@milla can you help me please :pleading_face:

You’ll need to wait for her to come back. Do not worry. :slight_smile:


Sigh, the server is still like this

What name do you own it with?

What do you mean

I’m not sure how to say this any more clearly. Who owns the world, as per the welcome message?

I own the world lol I’m dumb

With which name?


You don’t own a world called that on our online platform. You need to talk to Tanooki.


Ok :ok_hand: .

I can play other games without lag or anything (Fortnite)