Why wont forums come up on my phone?


Whenever i look up the blockheads forums on my phone, I click on the website and only the background of the web page comes up. Ive tried and i know that this is the correct website im looking at and not some fake one. I’ve tried looking up the forums on my friend’s phones as well, and still nothing. I was discussing this withanother player that had this same issue, and he thought the forums had been deleted.Why is this and can there be a solution?


I’m on my phone right now…
What type of phone maybe that’s why?


The forums work on my phone (iPhone 7). What device are you on?


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Take a screenshot of what you see.


It would be helpful to know which device and OS version you are using, as well as the browser.


Iphone 5, but i can get back on the forums again. Im not sure why this has happened, though… I tried using a different browser, and it came up, maybe that was the problem… But then it didnt work next time, so i turned my phone off and back on again. I think its just the age of my phone.


Maybe it’s just the age of your phone. What version of iOS are you running?