Why your sharks may seem to randomly die in servers


I’ve been successful in taming a few sharks in a public server but, sometimes one of the sharks just randomly die. I did a bit of trail and error testing to find out how the shark died and I came to the conclusion that when a tamed shark gives birth, you won’t see the decrease in the fullness of the shark until you rejoin. In most cases, the shark will get hungry naturally, preventing death but it is still annoying to rejoin every time a shark gives birth. There is video evidence on this link : youtu.be/BJF-saEC21g
I’m not sure if this bug applies to private worlds. Ps I’m new to the forums so IDK if I’m supposed to report this bug here : P
Keep in mind this may not be the only reasons, tamed sharks seem to randomly die. This is just the reason I came up with. Feel free to add other reasons sharks seem to randomly die in servers.


The YouTube link isn’t working.


maybe this might work