Wifi connection

Well I’m sitting right next to my wifi box have my wifi and data on but I’m still getting this message. Anyone know what to do?

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Are you updated to the latest version?

Oh yes, I have got it a few times. I just hit the ok button, then keep playing and it works fine. :thumbsup:

I’d like to think so… But I have no idea how to check…

Maybe try using cellular data if that doesn’t work.

I’ve checked my AppStore there are no updates available and data didn’t work. Could the problem be my device isn’t updated?

Maybe try to reconnect with the wifi. Turn the wifi off and wait for a while. Then connect again. See if that works.

I’ve tried that I think there might be something wrong with my wifi because nothing is working

Have you tried restarting your phone??

Multiple times. I can join servers that I’ve already been to but I can’t search a server or join a random server

It’s IOS. And I don’t know much but I’m pretty sure this means I have wifi right?

When I hit the ok button it just brings me back to world selection

Try restarting your wifi modem, that usually works for me.

Disconnect and reconnect? Usually works for me.

Can you just go back into the world?

How do I do that??

I’ve tried multiple times

I think he means turning off the router than turning it back on.


Oops! My bad! I meant the router. The thingy with the sticks coming out of it, looks sorta like this:

Unplug it then plug it back in.

Does that mean I turn off the actual wifi box?