Wiki's entry on Mac Servers

According to the wiki, there’s a command to set a “server owner”. I’ve tested it on my Mac Server, and nothing seemed to happen. I don’t recall Mac servers having owners. Is this something that was in an earlier version, but was pulled? Or is this entry an error?

Yes, this is a thing. I found it and added it to the wiki around September 2019. It won’t put anything in chat, but if you join the world your name will be yellow and you’ll show up as the owner in the welcome message.

The command should probably have a few more caveats added… Wingysam tried using it on his servers and discovered that the owner resets when the server restarts.

Since it was never added to /help, I think it’s safe to assume that it should be considered an internal command not intended for widespread use. I believe it is used by the cloud to set world owners every time the world starts.

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@JarlPenguin has editing access, so maybe he can fix it.

So it’s a cloud server only thing? I wonder if Majicdave can add it to the public Mac app.

It exists on Mac servers, but isn’t that useful.

None of my testing has shown it do anything on my Mac server app- no character names turn yellow, no special message when logging in, etc.

The yellow names and world owner thing is a cloud thing, I think. I wasn’t aware that the server app had world owner too. Will discuss with Dave when he comes home.

The wiki now says it’s Mac server only, instead of cloud server only.

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Not in my experience.

The jury is still out on this one. It may be that the one world I was focusing on had an issue to due a special character in the main person’s name. I -think- I’ve got it set so one player is an owner, and can’t be unadmin’ed by any other admin. But I’ll know more when he’s available for more testing.

Ok. I can confirm set-owner does work on the Mac, as long as the target doesn’t have any special characters in their name. But it appears that a computer reboot will unset the owner. Also, when typed on the server’s input, it gives absolutely no feedback as to whether or not it was successful. You have to have another admin attempt to unadmin the owner to see if it worked or not.

Huh. I went back and reread Bibliophile’s message from 28 days ago, and apparently these are both known issues already (doesn’t show in chat, doesn’t stay after a reboot.)

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