Will the 1.8 update occur after the finalized development of the game called “Sapiens”?

Hello, this is a random forum post, however I’ve been wondering when will the 1.8 update will occur. The last update I recall was within one year ago (a update that precisely fixes bugs). Will The Blockheads ever get a update after the finalized development of Sapiens?

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Likely not, the game is in a dormant state at this point, no updates have been released in 2020 or 2021, and Sapiens has a good bit to go before release. Noodlecake is also awaiting an exclusion from Google’s new policies to keep an app on the play store iirc
There haven’t been any teasers or anything about 1.8 either I don’t think

There’s never going to be a big update

No, there is nothing planned at all, not even bug fixes.

No, there won’t be any more updates for the Android version of the game.

Makes precise sense, as I heard previously, The Blockheads will not be supported on Android.

Well technically, one day blockheads will also be unsupported one day too

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