Will Time Crystals Stay?

Will time crystals remain in 1.7???

Yes. The only thing that has changed is credit to servers, needing IAPs rather than tc.


Thankfully all the free TC will be gone. And all the rude 11 year olds that love free tc will leave and everyone will be happy. :smiley:


Everyone except for the “rude 11-year-olds”, that is.


Very few servers? Nice! Now maybe someone will play on my server for once, as it`s been rather lonely there. :slight_smile:
And yes, I Can afford the IAPs

Yes, it will be nice to find people on the servers that exist more, and the server owners being more careful about keeping their server in good condition, both of which seem to occur less with more server owners

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then how do we teleport to places without time crystals?

mabye 10 cents?


Time Crystals will still be in the game, you just won’t be able to create your own Cloud Worlds with them anymore. They are still available in Time Crystal blocks to mine, watching Ads, and you can still use them to speed up crafting & sleeping and for teleporting. Nothing has changed with regard to Time Crystals except for the ability to create and fund Cloud Worlds.


ok, thanks a bunch

Sure thing. :slight_smile:

yes, time crystal will stay. just you won’t be able to use them for running servers.