Wind power that generates more when gusts of wind are audible

I think there should be wind turbines to create wind power.


How do you craft them?

Ooh flywheel,carbon fibre wings and a iron block sounds good


I think it would proceed to work, as their is in a sense visual wind. When it pours in the game, the wind can sway the rain to the side.


this would be awesome! I have actually wanted this for a while.
I also want wind direction to move your boat not just moving whenever you want. Wind indicators, airplanes with space inside, and hurricanes. I would also want to see space exploration, rockets, new planets? space suits, aliens maybe.
I have also wanted a water bar, much like the hunger and energy bars.


Hurricanes would probably lag and maybe crash your game

How so?

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I think that would be a great addition to expert mode to give it a little extra difficulty


It would probably drop quicker when you are near a heat source

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