Winding down the forums

We have reached the point where the forums are taking time which can be put to better use, so the process of retiring this as an active social channel is going to begin. Useful game content will remain available, if not editable, but the parts of the forum that are more social than utilitarian will be going away entirely. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have them. We will be updating here as we go.


I never thought I’d see this day come.

Just to be clear, which categories specifically are being retired? Will that happen as soon as today?


Nothing off-topic will remain once the process is complete. It will be a gradual process though, over the next few weeks. In the end everything left will be about the game.


Should I download my data right now?

Which data would that be?

The data for my account.

That’s up to individual members. If you like. Not sure why you’d ask me :laughing:

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Oh, I was just asking for your recommendation.

Is there an official timeline as to when you’ll be phasing out certain sections of the forum?

Oof… its is sad to hear the the end is is so close. The years have certainly been a blast, but it is onward to new adventures and new friends! :slight_smile:

2 quick questions from me:

  1. Once all the off-topic stuff is no more, will the forums to moved into a sort of archive state, or will remain the same but with out the off-topics things?

  2. Could you let us know who the offical winner of Last Post Wins ends up being? I think it’s only fair being that it’s the longest running forum game and largest topic on the platform.

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Off-topic forums are starting to go now. Redundant on-topic forums are going read-only sooner, i.e. Suggestions. Questions and Tips & Guides are going read-only last, as they are, effectively, wiki forums, for people to find answers in. If you want to add to them you have until 31 March.

Last Post Wins…? We’ll see. Maybe it will be a mystery forever!

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I assume that also includes #bugs-glitches-android and possibly even the main #bugs-glitches category, right?

Not at all.

Oh, okay then.

I hope the forum doesn’t completely shut down for a while. I’ve been here for more than five years, so it’s going to be weird when it eventually does.

I mean, the Android category is by definition redundant considering the Android version is entirely unsupported now unless I’m misunderstanding something, I don’t know where the iOS version stands, but it doesn’t sound like Dave works on it anymore either.

But that’s not really important anyways.

That fact makes the forum all the more important, as a means of getting support, don’t you think? Any Android gurus who have considered writing guides for players since the game lost support should do so this month.

RIP last post wins, I will never get to do my 100 years of posting on L.P.W. once every year.


It looks like the technology category is already gone… :lol:

Goddang, I liked you guys


I will miss this community greatly. We should all move to discord.