Windows 11

There hasn’t been a new major release of Windows in more than half a decade. That’s about to change.

but windows 10 is fine…

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Windows 10 is outdated in certain aspects.

No, @OSHAOSHAWOT was right.

This is the version which will usher in world domination of AI. :joy:

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What do you mean?

This is going to come across as a typical “I use arch BTW” reply, but it’s genuinely not meant like that.

What’s it like to do a major windows update? Between versions, I mean. In Linux, Debian at least and it’s derivatives like ubuntu, you can edit a file to tell it to use the next version and tell it to update and it does. Everything remains as it is, all your stuff stays as it is. I’ve even been able to continue what I’m doing during it. In arch Linux there’s even less hassle, you just tell it to update. It’s continually updating, various parts of it will update one day, other bits another day. You just tell it to get the new software versions and then to install them. Often a restart isn’t needed.

What does windows do? Is it a big event, like it goes to a special updating screen and has a progress bar? Does it download lots while you are still using it and then install it all when it’s all ready? Does it keep asking questions or does it ask stuff at the beginning?

And all the things you have installed, are they still there in the start menu? And all your stuff (downloads and documents, saved games), do they stay where they are?

Windows 8 was the best nobody needs a new version of windows

Many people hated Windows 8 and have wanted Microsoft to overhaul Windows for many years now.

Nah 7 is good
XP too

Only people crazy about tech are asking for an overhaul of windows

bill gates… that SoB took so long to release another one, come onnnn

How can you be so sure about that?

Windows 11 has officially been leaked.

It looks kinda like macOS

Here is a recap of everything that was announced at the event.

Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps.

Satya Nadella is very open-minded.

So far… I guess I got lucky because my laptop is in 8th Gen intel Core i5 and TPM 2.0
Sad meme for those dont have the requirements:
An 8th gen intel or first gen zen chipset from AMD
TPM 2.0 (or 1.2 I guess)

Consumers aren’t going to switch to Linux.