Windows 7 — End of Extended Support on January 14, 2020

Windows 7 will die tomorrow, but it is still usable even after that time.

You can still use windows 7, it just won’t get updates.

Support has officially ended for Windows 7.

Microsoft knows about this

They want everyone to switch over.

My sony vaio NW240F still using Windows 7 Home Premium currently. Does everyone know how to upgrade for it?

Windows 7 is one the best OS that I have ever used. It is still so stable.

@Helly I posted above how to upgrade

Currently I’m waiting for the new SSD for upgrade. Beside that before I’m replace the hard disk, shall I do USB boot? @OSHAOSHAWOT

You could simply just use the Windows 10 media installation tool on your Windows 7 computer.

You could I guess but didn’t you want to install it?

Buy the CD drive it’s expensive
Most expensive was the activation code for Windows
P/s: Thanks @WumboJumbo

[quote=“Helly, post:33, topic:78310”]
Buy the CD drive it’s expensive
[/quote] the way I posted was free?

In Vietnam, the Windows 10 CD-ROM with activation it’s VERY expensive in average is 1-10 million dong (40-90$)
I swear

Then don’t get one…

That’s second world currency for you.

That’s cheaper than in NZ.

Who cares…
Btw @OSHAOSHAWOT, just do an USB Boot instead buy an CD-ROM and just buy an activation code that’s it’s done

Cuz I living that m8

But the way I said is completely free