Windows Phone

I would like to know if the developers intent to launch the game on Windows Phone.

At this point that’s a big no, I’m afraid. The game is past its peak and even at its peak it would have been marginal whether or not it was worth Dave’s while to port it to WP8. Sorry about that!

The good news is that the next game, Ambience, is a computer game, rather than a mobile one, and is going to support both Windows and OSX :slight_smile:

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will this game still be playable?

What exactly does this mean… :disappointed_relieved:

Unfortunately, it probably means blockheads isn’t as young as it used to be. There’ll still be more updates, but as Dave said in the postmortem, the game may not be over, but it feels complete (as of 1.4). Of course, this is coming from someone who isn’t Dave, and I hope I’m wrong.

It will be playable so long as it’s in the App Store, Google Play, and on Amazon. That should be for a long time yet.

@KP7: It peaked in its first year. That is in the past. It is only at a game’s peak that one really considers porting it further :slight_smile:

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Unless the game is Minecraft. Then you start porting and just don’t stop. XD

Really hope Ambience can achieve that level of success… I’m thinking (read: hoping really hard for) it’ll be like Subnautica but with procedural terrain generation and multiplayer, which would be SO EPIC.

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I have no idea! I don’t think Dave does yet either. A lot is still up in the air. He’s nailing down the base tech at the moment. Well, not right now. Right now he’s probably still on holiday, but after update 1.7 is out he will continue working on the base tech :slight_smile:

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shade thrown
Also, I’ve never heard of Ambience, but I loved Subnautica, and it’s supposed to be like that?

Does that mean this will probabbly be the last update to this game for a while since he is making a new game?

Nothing at all should be inferred from my post. What is says is all that it says. There is no hidden meaning at all.

I think this reply had an effect opposite what was intended; I can’t tell whether you’re slyly clung us in or legitimately trying to dispel untrue conclusions.

Unfortunately I can’t help how your mind works. Rest assured that I was being very explicit and completely frank.

Yes, unless the game is Minecraft. So far I think Minecraft is on PC(obviously), Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, (maybe) PS3, iPad and iPhone. Idk if it’s on Android as the last Android I had broke in 2012. It was a :rage: Netbooks thingy.
@milla I didn’t know about Ambience or Subnautica, could you tell me which consoles they are on?

I think its PC and Mac but I am not certain.

Ik its pc but ur right Idk if its mac?

I think its both from what I’v heard. :slight_smile:

Ambience will be released for Windows and OSX computers. I can’t answer to Subnautica, as I’ve never looked into subnautica. I plan to though.

We have no games on, and no plans to release games on, any of the console platforms.

I usually don’t like to revive dead topics like these, but was Blockheads ever actually being tested on Windows Phone? I found this image in a Discord server and couldn’t hesitate to ask. The Windows 10 Mobile navigation bar was a dead giveaway.

That looks like version 1.7 of the game.

I did some more digging and found this image too. The smartphone is apparently a “Samsung Opetron” (I wasn’t able to find any online search results about it), but that detail isn’t important. The Blockheads tile in the image is what I’m focused on. It supposedly has Live Tile functionality too, but that still doesn’t answer my original question.