Windows Server App?

I haven’t been on here in a while, but I can’t find answers elsewhere. So here I am!

I remember that a while back, it was announced that a Windows/Linux server app was in development. That was in 2013. I’ve heard nothing about it since. Was development discontinued? Is this actually gonna be a thing? I can’t find anything about it. Thanks.

Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen.

He doesn’t want to support the already existing Linux version, and a Windows version would be even more work.

Wait, there was a Linux version at one point?

The cloud is on Linux.

No. There has only ever been the Mac version available.

The Windows version of the BlockHeads’ server app won’t happen. Buy a Mac computer with around >800$ if you want it.

You could create a Hackintosh.

It’s become a lot easier to virtualize macOS lately. It’s possible to use linux and KVM to make a macOS VM, then install the server app in it.

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