Winters Revenge - Cloud server

For the next couple days by will have my server open as much as I can to the public because it’s running out of credit. Winters Revenge is a server based on survival which you get to choose to team up or go at it alone. Starters are not given out when a person first starts.
Here are the rules of anyone is interested.

  1. Don’t ask for admin/ mod
  2. Advertisement s of other servers isn’t allowed
  3. No spamming.
  4. Try not to be annoying towards others.
  5. Others might not have the same opinion as you do no talking about religion or politics.
  6. Don’t share personal info.( Where you live,age, stuff like that)
  7. Stealing/griefing will get you banned.
  8. Pick up your trash and keep your build area nice
  9. No hacks.
    If the server is whitelisted i can add you because I’m not always able to play. You are free to build anywhere that hasn’t been claimed already. Winters Revenge is a 1x size world.

I added seven days. We have work to do. :smirk:

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What type? And if still has the same amount of credit

Well, we could use a spawn building. And some sort of protectiin, as people are now reading this and coming to the server. There’s some griefing of houses going on.

I have a spawn already you’ve been on a different server then mine because I’ve never had issues with griefing.

What is the link to the server? I believe Joe is talking about this one

But it is a 16x world.

That’s not my server but the link is

The server is whitelisted.

I just removed it

I joined

I tried to join but it said it was whitelisted.

I was busy so I had it whitelisted

I have decided to revive this server and made a discord for it. . Some new builds will be made soon if you want to join.

Meet the newest member of the server

Nice find! :thumbsup:

I’ve put a form you can fill out in the original post and I have another poll.
This time it’s for where updates on the server.

  • Only on discord
  • Only on the forums
  • Both

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Lately I’ve been quiet but I’ve got some work done when I’m on like extending the railroad and building a tulip farm for people that would like some different colors. My next project is a pet store where I’m going to be selling tamed animals.

Here’s the tulip farm (more colors coming soon).


Breeding stables are done and can be bought for one plat.

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If there’s ownership signs, can people who aren’t admin even plant apples (or carrots etc) in the compost?

I’m going to change the sign when a person buys the room so they can

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