Wires VS Conductive Blocks

I’m have a pretty good idea on how wires work and how well, but what about conductive blocks? Does electricity travel faster since the blue isn’t visible thus it just teleports over? Any info about the advantages/disadvantages of conductive blocks vs wires would be great. :smiley:

I believe electricity moves at the same rate regardless of blocks. I don’t think the animation is very accurate either, as you would have to wait before crafting if it was. Copper wire is used more because it cheaper. The only difference between them is that one is a block, and the other isn’t.

No, it doesn’t move any faster VIA metal blocks.

So to clarify, there isn’t any major benefits from using conductive blocks compared to copper wire, Correct?

Well, you don’t have to place ugly wires everywhere if you use conductive blocks.

although logically (in real life) you’d think it’d travel easier if it’s through copper on a copper unit, no, it’s all the same

Thanks for the info guys. That saves me time and resources. :smile:

no problem, and feel free to go wild with the blocks, it’s a creative game too, because it’s irrelevant which block it makes more sense just to focus on any solid block