Wishlist: 1.8 Suggestions that might fit the game

More Weather types:

  • Storms (during high winds) that lowers the brightness more than regular overcast and occasionally gives off lightning bolts that tends to strike on conductive blocks or randomly on the ground (can burn wood).
  • Sandstorm in large deserts during really high winds, acts like snow and builds up like snow on the ground but with a different color/texture.
  • Blizzard, like the others… pretty self explanatory.

Plants and Animals:

  • Add a creature for every or most fruits.
  • Megalodon breed through shark breeding going from the original to tiger sharks to hammerheads to eventually the megalodon.
  • Sugar canes, you can get sugar from and add to various new foods.
  • Cave troll breeding (hard process, they’re never friendly and can’t be tamed but you can make them somehow breed by trapping two together).
  • Cocoa Trees, you can make chocolate.
  • Olive trees, make twice the amount of oil than seeds on the press.
  • Squid, you get ink from it.
  • Pumpkin, grows quicker in halloween.
  • Watermelon.
  • Sheep, for wool.
  • Cotton, like magnets but absorbs oil. (I don’t have an idea for now)
  • Marshmallow plant, you make marshmallow on a stick on the campfire. Gives minor saturation.


  • Ice Cream, finally a food that makes you cold instead of hot when eating too much.
  • Hot chocolate, why not.
  • Pancake, so maple trees can have an actual unique use.
  • Butter, can’t be eaten but used on pancakes.
  • Chocolate.
  • Omelette, just a dodo egg on an iron pot with some salt.
  • Jawbreaker, use a lot of sugar to make and give a really minor damage when eaten.
  • Pumpkin pie.
  • Cooked Mutton.

Level 5 Workbench:
Currently the workbench goes from basic, to stone age, to bronze/iron age, to finally industrial (with a bit of “modern”). But level 5 is the more modern/futuristic age and should be the final stage for the work bench. And has various types of benches some include:

  • “Rocket bench”, inside has launch pads, engines, fuel tanks, probes, etc… space things. The launch pad is 3 blocks wide (like the train station) and you can put on top the engine, then fuel tank on top (must be in order), and a capsule. Then you add fuel and launch it, you can’t ride it but it will be a satellite in “outer space”. Or you can also make a rocket that you can go on the moon with and come back.
  • A Dish, the satellites are useless you put a dish on top of your house and then copper wires connecting to a…
  • Television, you tap on it and it shows different stuff you can make it display(one at a time). [1: The local time in a 24-hour format, 2: The average temperature in °C in a 50 block radius, 3: local Weather, 4: your Location in Degrees/minutes/seconds (because it is a “planet”)].
  • Wind Turbine, another clean energy source that uses wind instead.
  • Chemistry Bench, you can make “potions” but unlike minecraft it is more based on realistic potions with minor effects.
  • Radio tower, it is a 3 blocks tall you can place and puts a 500 blocks signal that makes Televisions able to work without a dish on top. (Idk how all of this section works in real life but i’m saying what i think they are used for?)
  • Computer, Constantly uses electricity to work. tapping on it displays a big “computer screen” that displays the local time, location, and battery on the left corner along with different apps if you tap on that shows [1: Radar map displays players in yellow dots and creatures in white (but it is completely 2D and not detailed much for performance), 2: Weather app like on the TV, 3: The amount of money you have, 4: Online shopping which shows you random open shops in the server and you can buy from with a credit card].
  • Air conditioner, Requires electricity. makes the temperature “normal” in a 6 blocks radius (or tries to make it 20°C, for example: putting an air conditioner in -50°C will only make the environment -20°C. Assuming the electricity is on the highest generation rate).

The Moon:
You get there from a rocket, it has no atmosphere and is just a bland mountainous terrain (but wait till you dig inside, has 30x more ore generation rate than on the world). The moon is always 1/4x the size of the world! If you make a 4x world then the moon would be like the size of a 1x world. It has features like:

  • Moon rock, acts like stone except that if you put it in a sluice the chances of various ores are 30x higher than gravel.
  • Water just evaporates very quickly.
  • The North pole gives: Hat of Oxygen, which doesn’t require you to keep refueling the oxygen tank with kelp.
  • The East Equator gives: Hat of Luck, Makes all your tools act like gold tools (that include the axe and machete)
  • The South Pole gives: Boots of Feathers, which eliminates fall damage whilst also giving you proper speed in the moon.
  • The West Equator gives: Pants of Haste, which make your hand swings noticeably fast (that includes faster crafting) with the cost of higher energy consumption.

Solar/lunar eclipse:
Make the Moon move faster than the sun and goes through different phases accurately… And so occasionally a solar/lunar eclipse occurs! Nothing special just that it is rare and make solar panels generate minimal electricity (during solar eclipses).


  • Credit Card, (it’s in one of the futuristic items) stores an infinite amount of money and it is much better than putting tons of safes that only stores a maximum of 1584 items/coins. It is an item that when you tap on it shows the amount of money on the top of the screen. I can’t think of a way to put coins in it other than holding the coin and putting it on the item?.
  • Paper, you put wood in the press. In the craft bench you put paper with leather you make…
  • Book, along with the squid ink and…
  • Glass bottle, you’ll get…
  • Book and quill which acts like it is in Minecraft. Better than putting signs in someones mailbox so they can put it down and read only a 3 lines letter.
  • A more futuristic train, electric, faster, and smoother on the somewhat bumpy rails.
  • Jukebox, you put different music discs that has various blockheads music.
  • Dynamite, crafted with gunpowder and sand. Is throwable (you tap on a block/enemy and the blockheads throws the dynamite at it from a safe distance). It breaks a 3x3 block radius and the power is equivalent to 1 titanium pickaxe swing.
  • TNT, crafted with 10 dynamites. Blow a 7x7 block radius. The power is equivalent to 10 titanium pickaxe swings, the farther from the explosion the less power it does.
  • Platinum pickaxe, Unlike the other pickaxes this one requires 10 platinum ingots to make. Turns ores into their ingots, oil into fuel, coal have a chance to drop steel ingots, but stone on the other hand is a waste of durability.
  • Wool, you shave sheep to get. Makes different clothing and also carpets for decoration.

Making world seeds unique because worlds wouldn’t be able to generate that much biomes at once in a world:

  • Mesa biome: very hot. your blockhead will emit smoke particles and occasionally take damage. Water is natural jacuzzi.
  • Swamp: Very humid, the sky will turn hazy and the blockheads feel exposed. Vines exists there.
  • Jungle: mostly rainy, vines and cocoa beans exists there.
  • Coral reefs: exotic fish appear.
  • Cold desert: unlike cold beaches mistaken for deserts.
  • Black sand desert: Very Very Hot and damaging in a sunny day (because it absorbs a lot of sunlight).

Things that make a “lore” in the game

  • Shipwrecks, has treasure chests and found deep in the oceans.
  • Mineshafts, deep underground and can be a small source of rails.
  • Abandoned hut, a stone box with a level 1/2 workbench that generates rather a bit underground (because it is so old). Rarely generates with a deactivated portal that requires 10 Time crystals to activate.
  • Volcano, very rare, magma blocks under it builds up all the way up to the volcano making mining under impossible.

More Custom Rules and world generations:

  • World Height, from [0.5x, 1x, 2x (do not recommend)].
  • Seasons, full 4 seasons cycle from [every 1 day, 4 days (normal), 16 days, 64].
  • Sleep/meditation speed, from [5x, 10x, 20x (normal), 40x, 120x (do not recommend)].
  • update in the Day/night cycle, [freeze, slower…, …faster, 1 DAY/Sec!].
  • Meditation gifts, the time it takes to get a gift from [1 min, 5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour].
  • Exploration Range, the range that reveals what’s behind the black fog going from [0.1x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x].
  • Advanced Custom Rules, has many many different things you can change! for example: frequent coal generation and what height it can generate in. Pay 4.99$ for some reason.

/clearlag, clears every loose item on the world (doesn’t care if you accidentally threw your one and only jetpack).
/teleport, Teleport or Tp to a said player.

Few Tweaks and random features:

  • Water color changes depends on the climate. From the hottest greenish-tint to the coldest purple-ish blue.
  • Add a graphics option in the settings that changes the graphics so everyone can play.
  • Reflective surfaces can slightly faintly reflect players and other blocks. (On high graphics).
  • And much more… (you guys can think of more i’m tired for now).

If you’ve read this far Thank you. These are my ideas that i think can genuinely fit the game if you think about it [features in games are not that they can fit or no, it is that they fit because you got used to it when you started playing (example: jetpacks in this game)]. I guess space exploration is far fetched in this game but it is a fun idea.


I’m sorry but I don’t think Dave will use items already in minecraft

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First of all Minecraft didn’t invent these items, Second of all Dave credited notch for making Minecraft because blockheads was inspired by Minecraft.

I just put what i think is useful in the game itself but i also say “like in Minecraft” to give a better picture of the idea. Thanks for the comment.


I don’t think Dave wants to copy minecraft

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That doesn’t mean he is “copying” Minecraft or anything like that, right?

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If he didn’t use things in Minecraft then there would be several things missing lol


I mean, dirt, grass, wood, stone, copper, and other things already exist in Minecraft. It’s not like bottles, books, and other things are exclusive to Minecraft.

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about the same as saying that they copied trees from real life… it isnt considered copying by just adding something that exists in another game unless its blatant that it is (ex; the textures are nearly the exact same along with function)

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1.8 would be wonderful, and Minecraft gets 1.17, but the reality is Minecraft just keeps going up up up, right now blockheads just goes down, to be able for frequently update on any level, there needs to be some kind of rise in activity otherwise what’s the point?

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Please stay on topic, and stop talking about other games. Here is one of the rules of the Suggestions forum:

Please refrain from telling those making suggestions that the suggestion has already been made or that it exists in another game. Most have or are, and it makes the suggesting person feel silly unnecessarily! Be courteous, respectful, and curious! Questions are a good idea, as are suggestions for the suggestion!


Amazing ideas this is what the game needs to be fun again, I hope Dave comes back and updates the game in future after he is finished with his new game which I don’t think I will ever play because am not a survival type player blockheads is simple survival type game that is less punishing less realistic and doesn’t take up so much time which is important when I choose my games.

Dave needs to come back and update the game with these amazing ideas also they need to be snow storm which will freeze all mobs including your blockhead if you don’t tunnel underground quickly and they can be a warning text to alert you in advanced same with sand storm in the desert and swamp can end up flooding with rain fall if your not careful and don’t pay attention to the warning text if the rain last too long which will be rare but can happen.

More mobs like rabbits dogs and cats would be amazing too polar bears for snow reasons would be amazing and we can get more fabric options like a scarf, and snakes in desert biomes can give both poison and snake skin which can make a shield.

Pigs should be added the only meat we get is from fish this mob can have different shades of colour depending on the biome your in. And if you kill it with fire you get roasted pork or ham as item.

Concerning the hut idea I think there should be blockheads mobs, that the player can’t control, they can’t steal from you, they can trade items with you or depending on there cloths they can be aggressive and try to attack and kill your blockheads, if you kill them they can drop common items including half used items, they can also be similar to tin foil hat and have there own auto farms which the player can take advantage of which would be fun to steel from them. Adding more mobs even if it’s other blockheads would make the game even more fun then it already is.

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Uh isn’t all of this just stuff from minecraft?

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Why does it matter? Its useful ideas to make the game more fun does everything need to be compared to Minecraft?

btw dodo meat exists as well, fish isn’t the only meat in the game

I forgot about dodo meat since i dont eat meat in game i mostly eat fruits as there more plentiful lol
But there is nothing wrong in adding more mobs and am not a fan of using foil paper to cook fish its a great idea but for me it feels like a waste i have better uses for tin then using it for baking fish. Thats just me.

Please read the FAQ, which is available from the main forums menu, top, right.

Please refrain from telling those making suggestions that the suggestion has already been made or that it exists in another game. Most have or are, and it makes the suggesting person feel silly unnecessarily! Be courteous, respectful, and curious! Questions are a good idea, as are suggestions for the suggestion!

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