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So I’ve been playing blockheads with my friends for quite some time now and we can say we’re almost to the point we’re we’ve done almost everything. ("almost xD)
So ya, we made a list of stuffs that we think would be good to add in the game. :wink:


  1. Cotton Clothes
    -Somehow similar with linen clothes but without linen patterns, like it’d be just plain color in
  2. Stripes Clothes
    -Vertical, and horizontal stripes clothes
  3. Customized Clothes
    -The idea of this would be the same of painting, where you select a photo in your library
    and attach on front of the linen clothes. You could also make an option for the resize and
    move of the picture/logo.
  4. Expensive/Classy clothes
    -We say casual clothes are boring at some point so we thought if maybe adding formal
    clothes like tuxedo/vests/butler vest (for male, or maybe unisex) and modern gowns and
    medieval gowns (for female)


  1. Living Room Furniture
    -Center tables, Sofa, TV console, console tables. It’d be also cool if blockheads
    can interact and sit on the sofas.
    1.5 Living Room Appliances
    -Clock, Television, Stand/Ceiling Fans? (Put it near bed and sofas to increase rest speed.
  2. Dining Room Furniture
    -Dining Table (you can place food bowl and cup), Dining chairs, Food bowl (you can put
    edible stuff inside). (again it’d be nice if blockheads can interact with the chairs)
    if blockheads can interact with
  3. Kitchen Furniture
    -Wall shelves (the vertical ones)


  1. Sea transportation
    -Submarines!! Submarines!! I mean we already have jetpack for air transpo, and train for
    land transpo, only water is left out. It’d be a good experience for ocean exploring. It’d also
    be nice to add stuffs on the ocean bed like corals or whatsoever.
    -Speed boats / yacht / (cruise ship?). The boat is slower than the slowest snail in the world.
    It’s time to add faster water transpo (non-underwater) :wink:
  2. Air transportation
    -We know we already have jetpack for this, but farming the materials is more painful than
    waiting for the amazon forest to be wiped out (for us lol), so we thought of an alternative,
    which is a parrot or hawkstrider (animal). Riding it would be i guess same concept with
    riding donkeys, and the maneuver will be the same when maneuvering jetpacks.
    Parrots/Hawkstriders can only fly to limited altitudes.
    This can also be an alternate for land transpo since donkeys are manually maneuvered
    whereas hawkstriders are automatic maneuvered (same with how you maneuver jetpack)
    -AIRPLANE!! Making this work / programming how it works is kinda selfish for us (we don’t
    even have an idea how this should work but i guess it’d be cool? (since you can transport
    multiple blockheads at once. Hitting two blockeads with one plane as they say. :wink:)

-More monsters! More monsters! More monsters!. I mean bullying scorpions and troll caves
is a piece of cake as you progress in the game. But adding monsters on biomes or areas
would also become boring in no time, so let’s add a little mixture here, - DUNGEONS! With
this, the adventure aspect in the game would increase. I mean, who wouldn’t love
dungeons right? especially if we talk about “adventure”. We could add desert dungeons,
ocean dungeons, mountain dungeons, and sky dungeons. The flow of the dungeon would
be like, enter the first room, defeat new monsters, find a chest with a key somewhere, and
then find the door in order to proceed, until you reach the final room/chamber where you
spank the boss for good. Dungeon sizes could also vary; more rooms/chambers = more
stronger monsters and more loots.


  1. Water pipe system
    -maybe add a faucet and water pipe in the game? Where the pipes are connected to a
    water source like lake and ocean, while the faucet can be used to fill empty buckets
    or like filling a pool you made (or maybe flooding your house if you feel like it). Well this
    idea is kinda useless but it’d be cool i guess
  2. Rain for regeneration of ocean or enclosed spaces
    -considering the water pipe system, it’d also nice to make rains fill up the ocean or maybe
    enclosed spaces, since water pipe will drain all the water eventually xD (we’re just
    exaggerating tho). Well this idea could also be stupid since it’d affect the whole world
    but again it’d be cool i guess xD

That’s all for now ^-^ God Bless and more power to the game :wink:

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Wow this ideas are really great! :heart_eyes:
I especially like the ideas of the water pipes and parrots! :slight_smile:


Maybe different types of cotton with different qualities?


Yay! we have a parrot supporter here :smile: That actually is our favorite part. xD and yeah adding water pipes would make our houses feel more homey, since we already have the electricity. :slight_smile:

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That also could be a good idea :slight_smile:

By the by, you’ll need to split the different parts of your suggestion into separate suggestion threads so they can be “officially considered” by the game’s staff. It helps them know for certain which specific ideas are popular and which aren’t.

You’ve already got them pretty well organized by the looks of it, so you can probably just copy paste the different ideas into individual topics. :slight_smile:


Oh, thanks for that, i didn’t know it should be separated :slight_smile: guess I’ll do that :blush:

Changed topic title to show it’s a wishlist, rather than a suggestion.

Welcome, Arenraer :upside_down_face:

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I agree with these suggestions

You can ride Sharks, I think it would be cooler if we got a mask to wear underwater to retain air and maybe some air pumps if you want to make it last longer.

Rainbow unicorns fly/hover in the air



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