Wishlist: For 1.8 (im not forcing dave to do it, i just want to see it)

  1. Jumping

I think this can bring parkour courses to Blockheads!

  1. Zombies and Spiders

I think we need to make the Night Tough (this can be only work if your creating a world and set “Spawn Hostile Mobs” on and also this works on Deafult worlds and Custom Worlds!)

  1. Trees

I think we need new varaitys of wood, like Birch and Spruce.

  1. Crabs


  1. Dimensions

I think this can work ( guy: NO NO THIS CAN NEVER WORK!! THIS IS A 2D GA-)

  1. Custom Player Count

When your a creating on Online World, Theres a Custom Player Count. 1 - 50 Players
16 Players - 0 TC
20 Players - 10 TC
35 Players - 85 TC
50 Players - 150 TC

And thats all it for my suggestions for 1.8 (please update this addicting lovable underrated minecraft and terreria bootiful amazing childhood inspiring game dave :smiley: )


Why should you be able to pay time crystals to increase the player count to 50? I cannot imagine any servers being able to get 50 players to join their server.


It would be nice, but it won’t happen.

Surprised you didn’t thought of any monster bosses


Junk Jack was a 2D game and it had a lot of different dimensions.

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Alba, Lilith, Mykon, Terra, Tor, Cryo, Xeno, Thetis, Umbra, and Infero.
There are 10 dimensions in junk jack.

All this ideas are ok but wasting crystals on the server to increase the custom player count…umm nop

Crabs on bh are good idea :cheerful:


does this mean you have to pay this in tc or that you make this amount of tc when this happens

I don’t believe the addition of more players is necessary. Chat is a seven lane highway with sixteen players already.


This might be a little off topic but if you want to be able to have more players join a Mac server. They can have up to 32 players.

An extremely laggy one at that (at least on Android).

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Side note, if you allowed 50 players, that would mean a max of 250 Blockheads in one world which would probably not make the servers happy.

Vzzliox_Azrvayia has a bunch of ideas.

It would be so chaotic and lag/crash city


BREAKING NEWS! Game “The Blockheads” can no longer be played due to 1.8 update with 50 people on a server!

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