Wishlist: Idk what to put but ok

This is some stuff that i want in The Blockheads, this is just for fun.

  1. Sunken Boats
    Its the Boats that Blockheads use but in the bottom of the ocean and covered in sand and some may have Golden Chests containing coins and ingots. Can be removed by blockheads and can be used for uh sailing!
    Coins, Damaged Weapons (stone to iron) and Damaged Clothes.
  2. Kelp Helmet
    Allows you to swim faster and breathe infinitely underwater and also provides little light while swimming, can be found in Sunken Boats or crafted

Recipie: 100 Kelp, 20 Fish, 5 Shark Jaws, 1 Bucket of Water and 20 Crab Shells

  1. Red Sand
    Can be found in Red Desert biomes, Prickly Pears can be planted in Red Sand

  2. Bones
    Can be found in Red Desert biomes, decoration item.

  3. Vultures
    They fly and glide. Attacks the player during day time, they glide down to Blockheads to attack every 15 seconds. They circle around a Blockhead
    Drops: 2-5 Vulture Meat. They eat Dodo Meat, sometimes they can be sitting in Cactuses or just standing in the ground.

  • Vulture Meat
    Can be cooked at a Campfire or an Electrive Stove to make Cooked Vulture Meat
    Red Desert Biome: a biome which is a variant to the desert but more dangerous containing Red Sand, Vultures, Prickly Pears and Scorpions and ravines with the witdh of 3-7. Sandstone below the Red Sand and also Golden Chests containing loot.

The’re cute red creatures with pinchy arms! The’re neutral. If you attack a crab they’ll attack back and when you attack a crab. The Crab will call out for help and Crabs will enter the battlefield agaisnt you.

Drops: Crab Shells.

Ravines -
Width of 7-29, deep, has alot of ores and gems, Cave Troll Dungeons can be found.

Cave Troll Dungeons contains a Cave Troll outside of a small room which looks like this.image

Sky Island Abandoned Castles:

Castles with one tower abandoned on Sky Islands, they contain Golden Chest with loot and spawns on Marble Islands.

Electrical Jetpack: used to go to Space for long and faster use to travel Space! When in a clear day they or in space recharge overtime.
Recipie: 2 Titanium Ingots, 10 Copper Wires and 1 Steam Generator and 5 Solar Panels

Space Astoroids: Big Chunks of Raw Stone with alot of ores like Titanium,Platinum,Iron, Copper and Tin. The more deep space you go. The more Astroroids will spawn.

When you go to far space your screens becomes black and becomes normal again meaning you entered Mars!

Mars: a barren wasteland full of Martian Dirt and Limestone Deposits can be found and underground cave water lakes can be found too.
Martian Dirt - Red grainy version of Dirt and can be used to craft Martian Dirt Stairs and Columns.
Martian Stone: Red and Grainy Stone block and can be crafted into Stone Tools and Stairs and Columns.
Alot of ore down there with a new ore.
Marianite Ore: faint red glow and can be found at the lower layers of Martian Caves. Can be mined with a gem pick to double the drop
Marianite Ingot - Can be crafted into Tools and Armor and Marianite Block
Ice can be found at the bottom of Mars and to return to Earth just go up into the Martian Sky until ur screen goes fully black and the screen returns to normal once ur in space again.


The vultures should attack blockheads at half health or lower. I think they would fit in the game nicely

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If you’re looking for some inspiration… :slight_smile:

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