Wishlist (inspired by beakboi20)

idea: preserved meat.

take some dodo meat and a water bucket, shove it into a jar and put it on an electric stove until done or world has been annihilated by nuclear detonation

edit: milla I know dave isn’t updating blockheads anymore, you don’t have to change the title

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You should create a suggestion for nuclear power.

note: my spelling might be a little off I just woke up in the middle of the night due to my brother sleepwalking

note 2: these are speculative, we both know dave won’t even think of adding something like this

uranium ore, found near bottom of world. rare thorium ores found halfway to lava. 0.1% chance of dirt dropping a strange rock when mined for the first time

20 titanium at a maxed metalworking bench creates a bombshell. this can be used to house a nuclear bomb (more ahead), or can be used to make a regular bomb (gasoline/gunpowder at some random bench plus shell).

at the refinery bench, you can take uranium ore and craft it for 20 minutes to create 1 U-235 nugget.

if you have 10 U-235 nuggets you can create a bomb at the weapons bench (new bench) and put it in a bombshell (crafting takes 30 minutes) to get a nuclear bomb. you would be able to drop it from a jetpack or tall tower overlooking said target, when it lands on the target it would break all blocks within a 50 block radius from the first block it detonated on. all plants within a 70 block radius (50 of those blocks not counting since all blocks in that radius would already be destroyed) would be dead and all plants within a 120 block radius would turn red. the player would take damage within 80 blocks of original site of detonation without a radiation suit (too lazy to type recipe here). with radiation suit you could not spend more than 5 minutes near the blast site.

as for nuclear POWER in a power plant, you would need 10 uranium ore/20 thorium ore/30 strange rocks (interchangeable) and 20 titanium ingots plus a metalworking bench would create a nuclear power generator. this would produce energy very efficiently, but would have a byproduct, nuclear waste. this nuclear waste would harm the player if they had it in their inventory without precautions, but injuries could be avoided using either a radiation shielded container (basket replacement?) or a radiation suit. this nuclear waste could be placed and would give player damage when players were near the block without a radiation suit. it would be immune to being thrown into lava (when thrown into lava it would simply re-appear in a random area of the world as a block). you could dispose of the nuclear waste by throwing it in giant safehouses with lead blocks to shield or putting it all at the bottom of the ocean, but of course the point being you can never truly get rid of it forever (maybe shooting it into space would be an option too?). you might think this would cause people not to use nuclear power but there would be a few things meaning people would:

  1. extremely efficient. 1 plant would produce enough power to fill 50 flywheels in just 10 minutes.

  2. virtually infinite. with only 1 uranium ore/thorium/strange stone letting it run for irl days, it would be a virtually infinite power source.

  3. reactor meltdowns could be fun

as for reactor meltdowns, if you neglected to take nuclear waste out (if the player who placed it went offline the reactor would stop producing power and waste) it would back up and then meltdown. this would cause a radiation area of within 30 blocks all plants dying, within 50 blocks all trees turning red, and within 10 blocks of meltdown area you would take damage without a radiation suit.

dangit I just spent 20 minutes typing a message in the forums for a dead game, well at least i’m not insane by at least telling it to somebody

Salt too! This helps preservation

I played another mobile game called “day r survival” (this isn’t an ad just mentioning it cause its a pretty good game as far as mobile games go) and there’s an item called salted meat. maybe you could create salted meat in the blockheads? or maybe even dry meat on drying stands. maybe putting salt on food would make it where the food would restore happiness when eaten?


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