Wishlist: Inter-dimensional & other stuff

Considering how Blockheads is dying, no offense but this is my idea. I think, we should have different dimensions with story modes. New creatures, new people, and NEW ACHIEVEMENTS!! So, players will be able to explore around more.
I think for reporting people they should have to fill out a reason why they should get reported. Then the player gets notified, by having a little flag mark on the side of there icon.
I also think that we should have MPC’s to interact with. You can also type in what you say and they reply with what’s in their lines. I think it would be fun!
Last idea for admins and mods. I think we should get to chose what color admins and mods get to be.

Sorry, for the constant editing

I agree with some of your ideas mainly new dimensions also switch from forums games to suggestions also also blockheads is not dying

That is true I do kinda agree with you on the admin and mod things but, whenever I go to anime servers hardly any people are on. Also, if I go on random servers only a few people are on. I chose game forums because I didn’t know where to put the suggestions I just joined a few days ago. I hope you understand~

There you go I fixed it I realized that would cause chaos

Fixed my message

Cool cool

I like the idea of changing the colour of admins and mods, because the blue and green can get kind of boring after a while

The game has been in decline (which is normal for any old game) for a while now.

You need to make separate posts for each suggestion.

It’s okay. If they aren’t making serious suggestions for consideration they can make a wishlist just for discussion. The game is becoming less and less likely to get a major update as time goes on, so this forum is loosening up :slight_smile:

I’ll update the FAQ about this today.

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I wonder what makes people in the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia so attracted to this game. I’ll bet it’s the yaks.

dropbears mate: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drop_bear

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